Fighters of the wizard world home page

 Adesuwa and Esosa are the first moderators. They are sharing one moderator spot so we need one more moderator.

About Us

 I'm your site admin. I will be looking for Moderators if you would like to become one then please contact me in the Contact Us page. Also this site is not a official site yet so i will try to do that soon. But try looking at the contest page for contest and the parties page too. check back every day. :) Honestly i'll tell you now i'm very new in this website making so it will take a while for me to learn.

 Here is another one of my made cards. I did make it. I got inspiration to make this site by a fansite i go to called legendsofthespiral for all wiz101 fans


 Here is the day not to long ago i finally got my one in a million badge hope you enjoy, If you wanna subscribe me the video is called wizard101hitting 1,000,000 with

triton. My you tube name is 5255andrew.

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